First test and trials  of Anticipated Cooperative Collision Avoidance (ACCA)  5GCroCo use case were carried out by 5GCroCo team in Montlhéry (France) and Barcelona (Spain) in September 2020.


5GCroCo has contributed to 5GAA technical report on Tele-Operated Driving (ToD) use case and technical requirements. The report can be found here.

EuCNC 2020 is celebrated virtually on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of June 2020. 5GCroCo participates with the following activities on Tuesday 16th (12:15 CEM):

5G Tele-opearated Driving  tests were carried out  at 5GCroCo Munich site by Bosch, Huawei, TU München and Univeristy of Athens.

Business Validation in 5G PPP Vertical Use Cases White Paper has been released and is available online here. This white paper, prepared by the Vision and Societal Challenges Working Group – Business Validation, Models, and Ecosystems Sub-Group (BVME-SG)  where 5GCroCo participates, describes how the BVME-SG carried out an initial survey of various 5G PPP projects with the objective of finding common approaches and processes to business validation. A great deal of business validation work here is to understand what enables verticals, and how this is articulated through market expansion models, business and society benefits. The BVME-SG established an understanding regarding how vertical value propositions and business models could be enabled and how, as a consequence, a secondary supply side beneficiary in terms of the designing, building, maintaining and operation of a network may be apparent and could be identified.

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