Deliverable D4.4 "Detailed Roadmap of Test Sites- Project Year Two", has been partially translated to French: "Feuille de route détaillée des sites de test - Deuxième année du projet". The document can be found here.

Due to coronavirus crisis and the subsequent movement restrictions, the planned 5GCroCo F2F meeting to be held in Castelldefels, Barcelona, has been shifted to a virtual meeting, instead. 5GCroCo team was able to join successfully during last Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of March.

The second version of 5GCroCo deliverable D2.1  "Test case definition and test site description Part1", is already available in our website.


New D4.4 deliverable, that includeds a detailed description of the roadmap for year 2020 on the test and trials, has been realeased today. For more information you will find the deliverable here.


New 5GCroCo Video presenting a detailes description of use cases and main user's stories has just been released at 5GCroCo YouTube Channel.

5GCroCo New Video


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