5G Cloud-based Traffic Jam Warning

5GCroCo (Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control) is a € 17-million European innovation action launched end of 2018 with the objective to perform 5G connectivity tests and trials for the road environment in real-life scenarios. From 11th until 15th of October the project demonstrates 5G Cloud-based Traffic Jam Warning at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg.

The “Vision Zero” initiatives across the world, including the European Union, pursue the goal of no deadly road accidents. Up-to-date and precise warnings about traffic jam endings in conjunction with reliable communication technology can therefore be a service that significantly improves road traffic safety and minimize the risk of severe accidents. At the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg the 5GCroCo Consortium shows how anonymized status data transmitted from the vehicles to the cloud allows to determine the end of the traffic jam in real-time and transmit precise hazard warnings to approaching vehicles.

It is part of the overall “Anticipated Cooperative Collision Avoidance” use case that was developed and evaluated within the 5GCroCo project. This, and the two other use cases with “Tele-operated Driving” and “High Definition Map Generation and Distribution for Automated Vehicles” will be demonstrated in a press event on the 21st of October at the Metz-Merzig-Luxembourg 5G cross-border test and trial site.     

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