5GCroCo was present at EuCNC'19, held in Valencia, Spain, from 18-21 June.

5GCroCo was involved in a variety of activities:




Keynote: “Making connected cars a reality with 5G”

Maxime Flament, 5GAA

5GCAR, and the role of 5G in automotive industry

Mikael Fallgren, Ericsson

C-V2X trial activities in 5G-DRIVE

Tao Chen, VTT

CCAM progressed by Internet of Thing

Francois Fischer, ERTICO

5G for Connected and Automated Mobility in the European unionN

Roberto Riggio, FBK

5G-CARMEN and Greta – touching the next frontier in entirely new societal benefits

Walter Aigner, HiTec

5G Cross-Border CCAM in France-Germany-Luxembourg Corridor

Jesus Alonso-Zarate, CTTC

5GCroCo Tests and Trials: User Stories and 5G Technologies

Dirk Hetzer, DTAG

5G enabled CCAM at Greece – Turkey x-border corridor

Panagiotis Demestichas, WINGS-ICT

5G enabled CCAM at Spain-Portugal x-border corridor

José Santa, University of Murcia

A Timeline for C-V2X

Ashok Tipirneni , QUALCOMM

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