5GCroCo was present at the last edition of the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC’19) in Barcelona, from 25th to 28th of February 2019. Thanks to the support from Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) – partner of the project - , 5GCroCo had a booth within the stand of the MWCB. This space was shared with 5GCAR project (5GPPP – Phase 2), and allow the project team members to create awareness of the 5GPPP, the two projects, and many initiatives being carried out in Europe, and worldwide, to promote 5G technologies for connected and automated driving.

The MWC19 was the perfect context to launch the first official video of 5GCroCo. The video has been released along social media (linkedin and twitter), and also at the website of the project. During the 4 days of the MWC19, the video was displayed on a screen at the booth.

The presence of 5GCroCo attracted the attention from many attendees to the event, and also received the visit from Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner in charge of Digital Economy and Society) and Roberto Viola (Director General DG Connect), among other personalities. In addition, the 5G and NFV tours organised by the GSMA stopped by the 5GCroCo booth twice a day, letting interested people know more about the 5GCroCo activities.

On top of that, the stage of the Mobile World Capital allowed Jesus Alonso-Zarate (5GCroCo project coordinator and CTTC Senior Researcher), Mikael Fallgren (5GCAR project coordinator and ERICSSON Senior Researcher), and Juan Ramón Jauregui (Mobile World Capital) to publicly present the 5G initiatives promoted by Mobile World Capital, the 5G-PPP Program, and both 5GCroCo and 5GCAR  projects.

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